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    A new generation of super fruits

    In 1998, New Zealand put the name "kiwiberries" into commercial use for the first time. The size of the fruit is approximately the same size as a strawberry. The kiwiberry, is unlike the kiwifruit, not covered with hairy skin but is smooth and green and can be eaten without peeling. Its taste is rich and sweet and their nutritional value is high. This small berry, which is particularly nutritious, high in antioxidant qualities and attractive in their taste, is a true new generation of “super fruit”.

    A natural and healthy snack

    The kiwiberry is rich in natural resources. The current commercial varieties of Kiwiberry are domesticated from wild resources and are not genetically modified crops. In addition, the kiwiberry has a high nutritional value, their vitamin E content is twice as much as an avocado and a vitamin content which is 5-10 times more than an orange. They are high in anti-oxidant levels and rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and iron. All of this in just one kiwiberry, which is convenient to eat and easy to take with you due to its size

  • Mei Mei

    Mei Mei is the brand name of our great kiwiberries. Mei Mei kiwiberries started growing in 2012 in Yucheng district, Ya’an city, Sichuan Province, where they were well taken care of by a team of people from both China and the Netherlands who have a great deal of experience and resources in the fruit and vegetable industry. Mei Mei has been growing ever since and is now planted at kiwiberry plantations around China. This is how we are currently the first commercialised and large-scale plantation of kiwiberries in China.


    Mei Mei has started to grow under the name of the company Future Agrow. In 2017 Future Agrow was founded and the company is currently the exclusive partner of InnoFresh, the leading grower of kiwiberry in China. Future Agrow , as its name states, we grow future. Through innovative technologies and products, we strive to upgrade the level of the agriculture industry. By helping growers grow better, helping consumers to have better choices on fruits and to help the planet become greener.


    Mei Mei kiwiberries grow at several locations in China. These locations are in Ya’an, Lan’xi, Pan’an and Kun’ming.

    Buying Mei Mei

    Mei Mei kiwiberries can be found at:
    Alibaba's Hema Fresh

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    Xianfeng Fruits


    Coming soon at:

    Warmart Sam’s Club


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